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 Insgesamt 17 Einträge 
Comtoise Uhren Museum Deckert Düsseldorf - Germany
Folkwang-Museum Essen - Germany
Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen - Germany
Kunstmuseum Picasso Münster - D-48143
Louvre Kunstmuseum Paris - Frrance
Met Museum New Yok - USA
Mozart Museum Salzburg - Austria
Musee Picasso Paris - France
Museo del Prado Madrid - Spain
Museo Picasso Malaga - Spain
Museum of Modern Art New York - USA
Museum-Folkwang Essen - Germany
National Museum Stockholm - Sweden
One Thousand Museum - USA
Perez Art Museum Miami - USA
Royal Alberta Museum - Edmonton Canada
Schiffchen-Museumsrestaurant Bocholt - Germany